The concept of "Dare to Boast" was inspired by the new testament of the Bible, in the book of Galatians (6:14). Here, the Apostle Paul says that God forbids that we boast in anything except the cross of Jesus Christ. 
   Being that hip hop is based on boasting; when you put a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and hip hop together, what you should get is someone who is bold and daring to brag & boast in the the Cross, in the midst of a culture that brags in everything but that. 'Dare to Boast', is a reminder of why we do what we do as Christian hip hop artists, and that is to constantly boast or glory in the cross of Jesus. 
   That is how 'Dare to Boast' came about; it is a blend of a minister of the Gospel 
(rickavessel), who has the gift to do hip hop (rap) music, taking the two and making them one. So join me, and let's Dare to Boast in our savior together.


Its all his is pretty much self explanitory. Everything that we can see belongs to God. God made all the worlds and everything through Jesus Christ. All things were actually made through Jesus and for Jesus, including us. This Song is a reminder of all things being his for those times when we forget that God is the owner and that he is in control.

Unconditional Love is about the Love of God towards humanity.Gods Love is not like mere human Love. Human Love is based on performance and how much you can do for a person, and you will be love on the basis of your works. God himself is Love, and because he is Love by nature. His Love for us is unconditional. The Love of God is the greatest power in the universe.