Prayer for Salvation:

God I want to thank you for what you’ve done for me. I see how Jesus Christ became a human—a man under the law, so that the lawman is now crucified. I acknowledge that His blood was sinless, so sinless that it could absorb all my sins and the sins of the whole world. Father, I acknowledge that all my sin was absorbed into the blood and that Jesus Christ died away all my sins on the cross. All forms of distance between you and me have been removed in the cross of Jesus Christ. I also want to thank you that Jesus was raised from the dead—not in a sinful body, but the human perfect body representing me. I come to you boldly and I receive this unconditional, eternal life that you gave by your life and love for us. I declare Jesus Christ as the Lord of my life, the one who came to serve me. I declare that He was raised from the dead and that the body He possesses is what I will possess when He returns. From now on, I know it is not I who live, but you living in me. Thank You for washing my mind with your blood, so I can experience true innocence. Thank You for loving me and revealing the platform of my innocence that was established long, long ago to me. My life is now born from this truth. I love you. Amen